Bob Carter, IPA named in Heartland Institute “denialgate” leak

Bob Carter, IPA

Australian climate change contrarian Robert M. Carter, Ph.D., and Liberal-aligned think-tank the Institute of Public Affairs, have been named in documents leaked from key US climate change denial organisation The Heartland Institute to DeSmogBlog. Carter apparently receives US$1,667 per month, funding which is provided to “high-profile individuals who regularly and publicly counter the alarmist AGW message”. Other recipients are US-based skeptic Craig Idso and serial contrarian Fred Singer.

Download links for the leaked documents are below. More info from Skeptical Science.

On Dr. Carter’s Heartland Institute page it states that “…he receives no research funding from special interest organizations such as environmental groups, energy companies or government departments.” I wonder who will believe that disclaimer now?


Well, that story didn’t take long to get around. Both The Guardian and the Sydney Morning Herald picked up the story very quickly. Graham Readfearn spoke to Bob Carter about the matter, and Bob responded with a veiled threat and some waffle.

Wouldn’t we all love a job like Bob’s got at the James Cook University? He gets all the time he needs to be adviser to all those high profile “think-tanks”; the Institute of Public Affairs, The Galileo Movement, The Science and Public Policy Institute, the International Climate Science Coalition, the Australian Climate Science Coalition and the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition. That Bob – boy – he really gets around…

Literally. Flying all over the world, to anti-climate science conferences, hobknobbing with the cream of the Liberal Party, and publishing off-beat science in an attempt to sway the climate debate. Considering the outstandingly positive PR Bob must get for the University, it makes me wonder why they don’t appoint him boss-cocky? Chancellor or something?

Why, Bob could specialise in a whole new “ideological” approach to science. Forget physics, forget chemistry, forget physical theory; just publish stuff that suits your political and social ideology! Real-life “talk to the hand” science that lets people know where you stand. Golly, people would probably flock to the courses! (OK, mainly conservatives…)

And Bob’s awesome reputation for scientific rigour, unwavering ethics and integrity would assist the University get the very best people. Chancellor Carter. Now that’s a plan! :)

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